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About The Speaker - Mr Ernest Wong

All our workshops are personally conducted by best-selling writer Mr Ernest Wong.

About The Speaker - Mr Ernest Wong

Mr Wong took his ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels at Raffles Institution (RI). He went to the National University of Singapore (NUS), on a Singapore Government scholarship, where he read Statistics, Economics and Sociology.

Since 2002, Mr Ernest Wong has written about 20 Primary School Maths Guide-Books. He has also conducted PSLE Maths Workshops (held mainly in RI) for thousands of primary school pupils.

In addition, he has conducted workshops for:

1) Teachers at Tao Nan School, Siling Primary School, Gongshang Primary School, and Pei Chun Public School. (Professional Development for Teachers)

2) Parents of pupils at Rosyth School, Tao Nan School, St Anthony’s Primary School, and the Raffles Schools. (Workshops for Parents - To help Motivate their Children to Excel in Maths)

3) Pupils at Ngee Ann Primary School, Hong Wen School, Tao Nan School and ChongZheng Primary School, East Coast Primary School, and Greenridge Primary School. (Workshops for Pupils - To help Pupils Excel in PSLE Maths)

4) Foreign students in Jakarta and Hanoi. (To help Foreign Students prepare for the International PSLE [iPSLE]).

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